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The space at 12 East 5th Street in Covington, which now houses the Globe, was for many, many years a gentlemen's Club (Club Venus). In 2016 Tony and Amy Milburn decided to turn the space into something more inclusive and more community-based. They decided to turn into a true neighborhood bar.


They wanted the bar to have a real sense of history and to be very personal to them. When deciding on a name and a tone for the bar they started retelling family stories and settled on the story of Tony's Great, Great-Grandfather, A. L. Andrews.


A.L. was a Kentucky entrepreneur, one of his ventures was Globe Galvanizing, which was in Newport, and part of the Newport Rolling Mill/Andrews Steel Group.


A.L. cared so much for this business that he named his beloved boat (or launch) after it. The family photo here, from1905, shows A.L.'s sons unloading liquor for a 'Yacht Club' party. Which just goes to show that providing libations and a good time have been a family tradition for over a century!


We believe in being good neighbors and in sourcing locally as much as possible.The Globe offers a wide array of Kentucky and regional craft beers and spirits. In building the space we used Kentucky craftsmen to fabricate our sign and even to build this website.

Local, legacy, libations - that's our thing.


Welcome to The Globe Covington– a modern twist on 5th!




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